Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who am I Kiddin'?

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

YAY! i surely have a concrete reason to be saying that. YAY! ( and no's nothing to do with The Knot) huhu

I am so excited to write..merely because I had only 1 class today and I managed to release my stress by gayuting with bojan on the phone earlier on. finally i could get it out of my chest. huh...

As I was clearing up my desk for the ever-hardworking secretary and her buddy came by....and we had a short...discussion. i was sighing most of the time. i pity them...yet...adoi....oh well...then I rushed to docnan's trying to get some quotes for the plaque. along the way my yappy mouth was blabbering and potpetting till she can't say much sitting next to me. pity her...having to escort the yappy me... hee :)

then i resumed work ..not realizing there's Pesat Gabungan tonite (Halaqah kinda gathering) They were expecting 700 I think. oh have 350 is Grateful enough for me.

Then I thought about the things that made me really pissed today. such a hypocrite. I knew it is somehow gonna turn up this way. but I refuse to believe...I do not wanna look down on people. berdosa ngko....

now siapa yang luka? aku jugak. hakghtuigh.

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