Friday, February 26, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie...

from now on i am no longer sharing this with public. no offense ..but one of the reasons is ..i do not have ample time to manage and write as before. workloads are getting higher n piling on my desk.. and most of my ideas to write ..sank with my thoughts when i go to bed. i am getting more restless these days.

i am vulnerable too.

pathetic. as sokna would say it. but i really am. i got too sensitive over simplest i getting my menopause..? oh god....

mr lee told me sensible. huhu.... i called me self..weirdo.

actually today i am really pissed bloggie. not today ..since last night. what my students are doing to me is preposterous and i cant take it anymore.

i am not nice..neither friendly.nor assistive. towards ppl. i chose whom i wanna work with because i do not like to be hurt in return.

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