Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Best Thing I Never Had

cak! hi bloggie! salam!

huhu...i am so energetic despite the fact i am in the most challenging Week EVER! sometimes I wonder when Will this crazy life of mine stop? seriously...It didnt pay me much ..BUT I really feel Good doing These... :)

and I still cant stop smiling hahaha..i dont even know why ...I had a not-so-good day yesterday ...BUT...i didnt care much ..done is Done. Move On. Right love?

and for i donno how long ....i havent had ifthar with my nieces ...and yesterday Allah Granted me that wish. We buka puasa together. Like a Family we're Used to be. They Grew up when I was not here. I did not get a chance to be part of their Lives. Now that I am here, I would Definitely wanna make up for the time I've Lost..or suffice to say, Times I've Missed :)

Oh dear It felt so Great, sharmin cooked like super a lot ...unfortunately they were mostly freakin large shrimps and more shrimps! haha ...shrimps to me are like Kryptonite to Superman hahahah ...what a way to analogously put it huh? but It is ...I can't have too much prawn in me kills me ..inside out. so I only took ONE tiny lil one (that was the only one ..since the rests were XL tiger prons hahaha giler weii..) luckily there was chicken korma and veges..I love bokchoy! hoyeah! and grilled catfish ...shafira told me to buy at the stadium. The foods were scrumptious and Heaven~ most importantly ...Time with Family is Priceless. Although I can never buy back the Time I have Missed watching them Growing up, But I am Thankful, I still get to see them Now. Thank You Allah.

and believe me Allah ..I am still Smiling. hahah tak sedar diri esok another killin day ...haha what to do ..this is My Life. One step Further I shall Wait. in the Meantime ...burn the oil...kiss the stars ...smooching the wonderful nite skies ...and the Moon is just ..Perfect; to me :)

I'm Thankful - Alhamdulillah.

pssstt..... Miss me? *winks*

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