Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The World

hi bloggie ...salam

i got meself addicted to indo pek now ...dang..hehehe ...thanks to bolynn buntats ku ...that was just it. i guess it filled me days ...after long hours at work.... hee...*oh yeah?* haha

i was lounging like a rotten potato earlier and my mind was brought back to monday's lecture ...
I recalled talking to the class about life and death. it was like a short 5 minutes ads I would always say ..heh hehehe..thing is ..I always LOVE sharing with them the story of life...story of the World ...story of us ...the human in it....

it all started when I was talking about all the chronic diseases today ....and was relating it to after another ...the topic lead to ...of how I fear ...what would happen to me ...if I were to be diagnosed with one ..( or two ..or few) and I have no one to look after me...I wouldn't know what to do .....I wouldn't know how to be Strong ....I wouldn't know how to Deal with it ....I expressed my Fear to them .....Not even a second late...a student abruptly spoke up..."TAK PE MISS! KAMI JAGA MISS! - followed by a few other students in unison .."YA!" : Dear Allah ...I was Speechless. I almost cried...but I didn't. I composed myself and smile and change topic. I could not Face them in that manner. I was too Speechless, Shocked, Amazed, Surprised...and Sad. in that Fleeting Moment, I Thank ALLAH SWT...for giving me Them in My World. Sungguh Allah...Aku Kagum. Terima Kasih.

Tidak Sia-Sia didikan yang Engkau Berikan kepada Mereka...I am Forever Touched by Your Grace...SubhanaALLAH.

and today in another class, I was talking on sabbatical, after my two team members come back from theirs, in a year and a half's time; whole class was half screaming ..WHAT?! NO.....and another student was saying ..."eh AFTER we graduate la .."

The faces that I saw today ( and previous), Made IT just Hard~

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