Friday, August 19, 2011

Smile to Your Heart

hehe chak! again..hi bloggie ..salam!

today i had the biggest laugh of my life. i didnt know what happened in our life, but the eagerbeaver team did some crazy stuffs today. it was too hilarious till i cant focus on my driving. gosh ..what were we thinking? pulling that kind of stunt? I bet Dato' is gonna grill us big time hahahaha...crazy mother! ha ha ..

the name eager beaver...suits us ...damn much! everyone was lookin hi and low for the 3 stooges. lol and kak lan was gone with the wind. undetected. i wonder where did she hide...hahahah..adoii...gila betui la korang....

and here i am now ..sitting and the green gable years....oh mr blythe is JUST the right man to every girl's heart...ha ha hit worldwide. little did I know it was a blast back then...gosh was like ..before puberty. haha

i feel much much better today despite the stunt we pulled....good riddance ...i was ( still am) their leader...zorro tak bertauliah! LOL. apa aku nak jawab next week wei! we are so toasted!

i wonder what's in the store tomorrow ...i need to resume my laundry usual ..jadi mak-mak ...mcm lynn senget kata...tu la keja aku ...if tak mengkadambabu kat ofis ..jadi kaldai kat umah plak ...he he...comei je..kaldai bulat..hahaha...

oh well...selamat teruskan ibadah puasa ...and let's sleep puas2 esok! hoyeahhhhhhhhh! pas tu petang masuk opis buat keje... huhu...

now? nak layan mata mr blythe chumei. hahahaha

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