Monday, August 29, 2011


salam bloggie

and Allah again Gives His Blessing. I Found out the Reason Why. It was conveyed to me in a unique way....subtle but Clear.

and to His Submission, I adhere. I now Know Why. I got The Answer from Him. Shukran.

it was not even a memory to begin with. it was a lesson to Grow me and educate me of Life.
Of how Human can be manipulating and Ignorant. That human would do anything (and by that I mean ANYTHING to get what they want and hid behind Religion to stay "humble" and "innocent".

Now that I know what it was ALL about ...again I am fooled by Lust but Taught by Allah to See Life in different perspectives, to which am Indeed Grateful.

The Ending may not be good but It's Consoling to know that It wasn't Me.


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