Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Breathe Again -J.Suwito

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

I have heard this song ..quite a while ago...then ..recently ..it hit my screen again ...whoaa...kene batang-idung-again kinda song ... Written by Juwita Suwito..that girl is really gifted...I wicked love listening to her piano version...it is so beautiful...so deep...and again brought me back to the memory lane when I found Love. haishh...so mellow la pulak ...anyhow ..I wanna share this ..

Have u wondered how it feels when it’s all over

Wondered how it feels when you just have to start anew

Never knowing where you’re going

When u face the brand new day

And it used to be that way

Now I just closed my eyes and say

I just wanna breathe again

Learn to face the joy and pain

Discover how to laugh a little

Cry a little

Live a little more

I just wanna face the day

Forget about the wars of yesterday

Maybe if I hope a little

Try a little more

I’ll breathe again Breath Again

Starting out again it’s never easy

Disappointments come and go

But life still moves on

With the bit of luck

It’s a brand new start

That might just work my way

No need to walk away

Don’t wanna live a life’s replay

Things would work out fine

If you can’t find the courage to look past the night

To see the break of dawn..


It's like the whole life of mine is wrapped in those words. I was lazying around these past few days as I'm heading towards my year-end mode cuti-cuti. There's not much prep to be done and too much time to leisurely spent :) Sitting aimlessly making me reminisce a lot. IF i have a guitar or damn good in piano..would have re-recorded this song. my voice ..my soul...The fun with chords and notes, brought me back to Vir and Bella. How we all used to sing acapella and enjoyed arranging songs. I miss that time soo much ..the friendship..the laughter...and the joy were solely Ours. I still remember "Cantik" and now it's being sung by some group makin' it sound hip hoppy and god-knows what and calling it Chantique ..or something like it ...oigh...it wasnt as beautiful as ..back then....hahahaha (macam bagus punya statement ha ha ha )

I had a Liqa session today. We talked mostly on HablunminAllah and HablunMinannas..Relationship with the Raab-Al-Amin..during the session, the thoughts ..of friends before and now linger in my mind...with the Blessing of Him ..I get to meet all of them....Shukur Amat. Suddenly the Naqibah uttered the phrase Blessing in Disguise....tersengih sorang aku ...teringat kat Naz or PineApple...The Only PineApple I know anyway ..hahaha ...Life is full of Blessings ....these days ...it's only the matter of how we see and embrace it. I am so thankful with so many things in Life. People, things, moments and situations ...have been miraculous lately. Not that before I didn't come across any, Perhaps I didn't "see".
Keeping myself busy is the ultimate goal in 2009. In fact by the first week of January, I should be fully occupied with work. That is the only way for me to keep on going...forward. I have received the full working calendar (1st & 2nd qtr) yesterday and I'm okay with whatever laid upon. Does anyone out there wanna share their resolution? Feel free to scribble here. and No Pa ..kurus jatuh di tangga ke dua tahun ini ...hahahaha Numero Uno would be better work performance n research! yeyeahhhhh.....
To friends and human nation : May we all head up to a prosperous and peaceful World. Aja!!!

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