Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last day of JK-ing

Assalamualaikum bloggiee...

Alhamdulillahhhhhhhhhh...FINALLY it is O.V.E.R Done and finished. whoaaa....what a boring week. Struggling with duties, work and personals. They are MOSTLY annoying, boring and Tak Sukaaa...probably my mense had influenced it a lot. I was pouty half of the morning today as I got to wrap up that darn things ALONE. Then Bic came in later on to help, though she doesnt have to because it wasnt her working day today. I dont feel like doing it at all.....I guess Celia Green is right when she said "That society exists to frustrate the individual may be seen from its attitude to work. It is only morally acceptable if you dont want to do it. If you want to, it becomes a personal pleasure." - Damn right. I don't normally whine when I enjoy doing it.

Now..where is that Annual Leave form of mine....hmmmm....are u thinking what I'm thinking? yeahhhhh.....Cuti and Fishing! Let's take the last week of December off...after all it's Christmas and Awal Muharram. I'll be missing my Christian friends dearly 'tis season. Furthermore, I'm taking 30 & 31 off to commemorate our Awal Muharram. (ada orang gi fishing ke time muharram...sengal nye aku ...) Well, staying home and baking that chocolate souffle could be fun too.... [ idea! ]

Since Christmas is juz around the corner I'd like to take the opportunity to Wish Virginia, Isabel, Sokna, Cherng, Petra, Hengky, Ferdy, Sarah, Trisha and hubby, Joyce, Beth and Jack - A Very Merry White Christmas and I miss all of you very much! xoxo hugs and kisses from me.

It's wonderful to think of the times we have spent with our friends in Life. They have been our laughters and tears. Friends come and go. Life forwards come what may... Along the way, we will stumble upon many faces of friendships, some may even get lucky to discover their other-halves and some may still be looking and wandering alone ....When Susan Hale said " Love all the people you can. The sufferings from love are not to be compared to the sorrows of loneliness" she really meant it how being alone is immesurable. Sometimes, I wonder how on earth did Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Emily Bronte or even Marie Curie dealt with Life prior to their Deaths...

Suffering is one of the ways of knowing you're alive..

Make sense huh? : )

As I'm writing this, a colleague stopped by. I don't know what to say to him. He greeted his Salam. And I answered mine. I was hurt by what he said to me weeks ago. I'm disappointed by what he did because he's young and he should have confronted me properly. He is a nice co-worker, pious and has a lot to learn in life. Me? I am not ready to talk yet because I've had better days than today. I'm not really in a mood to talk. I just wanna write and be in my own little world- temporarily.

It is all right to say exactly what you think, if you have learned to think exactly.

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