Sunday, December 21, 2008

Farewell 2008

Assalamualaikum bloggie ..

em haiyya less than 2 weeks ..we will meet 2009. MasyaAllah ..cepatnya masa berlalu. It has been almost 10 years. How did that happen? Time can really fly. I'll be off from work starting on the 28th noon. I don't think fishing is the best option now. I was thinking of spring clean my room heee...yang dah jadi mcm kedai buku terpakai tu ..and KP has been yapping and yapping ...( I can understand SOME people may not like books ...and papers...why can't they just accept the fact that I loooooove books and papers ....and messing them around! hahahahaha) I enjoy messing my stuffs around. That's what you get when living single. ha ha ha tossing is your middle name (some people je la ...I knew a few uber neat persons..) I'll be having problem to adjust myself when I get married (If I Ever kan ...hehe) Anyhow, that should be an experience that people like me will look forward to (...really...)

7 reasons why I love messing around with books and papers in MY ROOM.

1. I enjoy reading in bed (...served me sure many of you know why)

2. When I stack them properly, it looks much better ..messed! hahaha

3. Sometimes when I think of something spontaneous, I just need to write or grab a reference; inpromptu.

4. Easy for me to do any cross-reference : information-wise (am sleeping alone....what do you expect? hahahahaha)

5. Books put me to sleep when am tired, However if it's Grisham, I can be awake all night! (pity my hubby la kan .....BUT ain't got any! hehehe)

6. Plain simple mess, just make me look busy and occupied so that I don't have to run errand :)

7. When you're single, working and Islam...what/who else can you sleep with anyways? besides pillows and blanket....duhhhhhh......

I always picturize myself when I have the-significant-other responsibilities, would I look like? yeekkkk.... Miss K, was telling me earlier on, about adopting a baby. Nice thoughts....but ...(dunno la.....sometimes terfikir ...why not? IF.....) Having 2 god-daughters myself somewhat educated me much on being a mother. when the 2 of them were babies, it was fun. Holding and pampering them. Now, Putri and Shanti all grown ups. Probably in the first grades already. How times have flown. The 2 of them really melted me back then. I was cringed on being a mother...Now ....scary man ....R.E.S.P.O.N.S.I.B.I.L.I.T.I.E.S are not something you can toy with..

Should 2009 be a year of Seeking and Nursing? What say you?


kawaii_desu said...

hahah what a coincidennt!!!

i'm having the same issue la AC

Sha and Forward said...

kah kah kah kah ...u must have been me...or vice versa the previous karma *lol*

Najib Hassan said...

Perempuan mmg pelik dan la blog tu hasil tulisan cik sya tu..

p/s: cuttie virgo? saham tu..terima kasihhhhh

en_me said...

hi akak sha ittewww.. hepi new year..

Sha and Forward said...

naz: u jangan jeles tau...i tau la u hopeless ROMANTIC!!

en_me: hi en me itewww...wah ...jumpa kita di sini ..selalu i tengok u di blog cik pa aje ..huhu ... ;)

en_me said...

ammvoiii, jeling jeling me selalu erk.. afsal tak tegur gittewww.. ehehe

Sha and Forward said...

en_me: i segan....shy-lah .. :) hehehe ..anyway i "singgah" teratak iteww juz now ..molek sungguh...suka tengok ..kelezz...