Friday, November 27, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

hi xea! hehehe masih ku ingat kenangan kita bertemu di eskalator sunway ...kocik nya dunia ...huhu thanks to cfu peliharaan kesayanganmu.  hmm ..i have so
many things to write. ..tapi am numbed. too much beef kot..hhahaha but today i made one of the best sup tulang ever..huhu puji diri sendiri ...perasan bagai ...saratzzz...hahahahah well nak harapkan siapa lagi puji kans ..

I spent my evening socializing with bicmate n her children.  as usual the auntie of 3 lovely children.  i finally managed to get hazwan's football.  he went ballistic the minute he saw the ball in  the passenger's seat and i locked the door! huhuh ..sorry dear ...saje nak tease u ..i know u have been yearning for that ball...auntie tgk yr face pun auntie kasian " auntie..nak bola..." hahahahah ..if only auntie ni ada 3 or 4 orang yang sama lucky u to be able to get things on time. kan uncle kan ? hahahahaha

i am glad u like the ball dear. main la puas2 jgn pengsan dah.

talking about sacrifices in this holy month...i reminisced my life in 2009. indeed ..i have painstakingly did all those i think i did. sigh.

oh this year too I am tested by Allah SWT with a diagnose.  and this year too I solved a mystery I have been trying since a year ago. and this year too...i almost go into comatose thing that was destined to be...segalanya MilikMu..

i thought 2009 would have slowed me down.  Truth is ...not a second less.  Its fast and now we are heading to 2010 already!
I am looking forward to being older ...hmm next year the number change again...and did i forget to tell you bloggie..that i have gotten a full blast official sermon from The Mother about the big M.  there's no way for me ...No Way...I guess my 2010 will be filled with the M questions.  aigh...annoying...

why cant i be single for the rest of my life?
That is another sacrifice am making for meself too.

and many more sacrifices to come next year.  Now that I know why all those were happening....the more grateful i am to Allah ..for giving me the gift of Life. errmm..what is it? are u wondering bloggie..? Don't be.. coz you too will not gonna know what was it.  But because of those ..I am still alive and Kickin' and I will still be ...till My Time has Come. :)

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