Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

It has been quite a while since i last wrote in here. eversince i came back from my vacation, so many things happened to me. From the sweetest to the most painful that almost put me in ..coma. literally. I had an accident. a very unbelievable one and I can never thank much to Allah SWT, for saving my Life - Again. Shukur Alhamdulillah.

as usuals, from the trip, I have like a thousand photos to share...yet my condition and work schedule are putting me on hold. The ever-challenging monsoon is here too, hence the gloomy update mode that is constantly there. heee..

My heart is aching. Seriously.
Apart from nearly losing my brain, I am Losing my patience with people whom constantly hurting my Humanity. I hate being Lied to. Why human like doing that? Aren't they tired of it?

I know it's not really nice to help and later be Grumpy about it, but who the Hell THEY think I am? a sober-machine? It's enough that you are stupid, do you have to dumb-foundedly involve me too? *huhhh...*

The act that they put is really annoying and freaking disturbing. Really....you call yourself a Friend? An adult? *sheesh....*

Ok, i better stop fidgeting meself... :) I on the other hand will start writing my Travel Journal I had gone to earlier of this month. It was magnificently fun and inspiring. Meeting those new people and engulfing in their culture were memories I could never Forget. Let alone I got to share it with my buddy, pek.

In the meantime...ya hang on ya bloggie....I'll be back...


xeea said...

welcome back!
semoga selamat semuanya.
get well soon :)

Sha and Forward said...

thank u bebe :)