Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Beauty of Azan

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

as i was getting ready for my class tonite, the maghrib hour seeped in. The Calling was so beautiful. I Felt it.  It cringed inside upon hearing and engulfing my mind into it.  So Serene. Can't even describe it here.  It moved my Heart.


Earlier on, I spent some time off thinking and sulking.  There are few things happened lately and some actions that were made towards me ...were heart wrenching.  I seek His Peace and Calm and cried at night, thinking how much further do i have to go through this.  The more I ask ..the more confused I have become.  I have agreed prior to this not to question too much of Life.  Sometimes, I couldn't help it.  Especially in times where my Good Deeds are being tested.  I do not like what I have been feeling these past few days. and when my best friends advised me. They are absolutely right.  Previously I countered their advices because I thought other people in Life ..need my Help, need my Support....However, now I realize, what other people need in Life..does not necessarily come from me.  I am not the Sole Provider.  There are plenty more outside.  Truthfully. As a human I have felt obligated to carry out these humanity onto others until I did not realize, it'll eat me in return.  I am not sorry for what I have done. On the other hand, am proud of me.  I have been taught by my parents with the most "perfect" education.  I have gotten Love out of the ordinary more than anybody else I knew in the family. I have been the center of a group of people's Heart since I was born into this world.  I am by far, Lucky.

The purity of the azan, taught me something.  I cannot govern the world.  But there are a little part of this world I can try and assist.  The rests, Leave it all to him to Decide.  I am not mortal in this Quest and I am not Absolute.  All I know, as a human i am willing to share what I have to extend of what I can only afford to Bleed. I still need to Govern My Central Life which I am responsible for. Each and everyone of us on this Earth is responsible of our own self. 

With that, I am satisfied with my decisions.  Friends, I know you are there when I needed you and Forever I pray you will be there...for I'd do the same to all of you. Thank you...for your Love and Support.

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