Sunday, November 29, 2009

We 'R' Us @ The Moon Celebration

Happy Birthday Ijat and Best Wishes Tiqa who has to leave for Johore's Quest....
Ganbatte Kudasai girl...

talk n eat. Things we usually do in the weekend or weekdays ..whenever we're stressed out or merely hanging out with cool companies.

Edy and DD-FC : Two naughty buddies from Sabah...

Cheers! Time to Cherish and Moment to Remember.
The Foods were surely filling and yummeh...

We 'R' Us with DD as the photographer and full stomachs
In front: Edy n KC
From the left: Ijat and The Fish, wofsha, Tiqa, babyboi, Cisco

It's Farewell's and Long Live's.
Love the green beetle at the back, so hippies...akekekeke

we talk ...A LOT. hence the faces and hands and whatnots.

-We 'R' Us-