Monday, November 30, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

haa...if kawaii she'd say " lega nya memerut.." i guess the same with me.  I have been getting upset stomach since afternoon.  too much of beef during eid ..probably.  Today we had Korban jamaie..3 cows were slaughtered. nice. I was in the kitchen with the soup team ..ended up ...with fried beef team.  all in all was swell and fun.  we had fun cooking and the food turned out ...great la..hehehe as usual my manager would be busy taking photos.  and he did.  will claim from him later. though he insisted on  tagging in fb ...and i just realized..i didnt add him ...(not gonna...hehehe). Rule no 1. NEVER mix work and personals.

the routine in the office and the korban today were fully occupied.  i spend the later half of the day finalizing my coursemarks.  i was not satisfied with the graph..hence the last minute editing and summarizing. bic call it ..magicking...hahaha...i say...only those who deserved it.

"It's fun to add a secret flavor so that no one knows. But... it's more fun to find it."

it's worth to have students who are born-extraordinary...but it's much worthwhile to see a mediocre develops and blooms to BECOME one.

In this path of life...I have stumbled upon myriads of learners' background.  a few were fortunate...most were the other way around.  i salute those who seek education.  i take pride in sharing experience and knowledge in helping these type of human.  Likewise, I too am learning Life from them.  The hardship they've to pull through, the god-knows-what they have to endure to reach to where they are now and ...not to forget ..the battle they have lost before they even Fight.  In our jargon terms, we call it ..mati Syahid kedudukan Gagal either from first semester of bersyarat for three consecutive semesters.

Tomorrow I'll be witnessing a few of those bersyarat ones fight for their last Battle. A student who had  challenged me that I will not be able to "do" anything regarding his 'attitude'. Another, who think I shouldnt "bother" his life coz he knew what he was "doing" and a few others of no-shows for the semester and claimed they are "good" with their "behavior".  I did not bar those "parasites" coz I do not want them to know what is it like when education opportunity is being snatched out ..right under your nose. I'd rather have them do it themselves, naturally.. It's their Calls. I will be there tomorrow morning to see the Look on their face. Somehow..I will feel sorry for them, despite the fact I was annoyed by their attitudes.  How shallow their Minds when they chose not to believe in Education.  How terrible I am for not showing them the Light.  Have I not?- "One that drowns in oneself will eventually fall to darkness." How can there be Lights when the Darkness path has been chosen? Poor little Souls.  They have yet seeing the Colors of Life with Education.

"Children are treasures. The greatest sin in this world is to damage those treasures."

Ditto.  It will be my continuous Mission to spread Knowledge and Will Power to those Children.  It is my utmost duty when I vouched to make a different in my society and Ummah.  I shall not bear the Sins of damaging the Treasures. 

If I can be Sunshine to A Person...and Cheers his Life...I might as well Learn to be The Sunshine..who can even make the Dirt shines.

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