Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eid and hu-ha

salam bloggie..

haaa...what a relief! i personally do not want any more guests coming. can ya'll come next year? it is wickedly tiring and mind blowing to be home during this time of year. glasses pecah ..pinggan berkecai ...what the hell...? can't they eat and drink properly? really i knew why people opted for paper plates or polisterine's during eid. as for our house...all kaca!

sakit taya. first day of eid i was swamped with piles of things to do since 3am! huwaaa....people were coming non stop and i tak tahan anymore to clear the whole pinggan mangkuk closet ...for the sake of it. then have to wash all of them ..dry...stack ...aiyo ..even masterchef's kitchen is more organized than this!

I seriously cannot tahan this kinda life. how to marry? no need lah....tedious ang mo! i cant wait to go to work and kiss my office. altho i didnt love it much either...but it is a NICE escapism....good place to hide ...and not be known of. hoh! ...ponet amat sei...

and yesterday was swell too..running errands here and there...congested traffic ..crazy kelantanese drivers! look at me ! am whining! was obnoxious...occay....

and I thot of rewarding myself I went to kfc kb...just to spoil myself....and no...i didnt ...get to do such...i was a double bummer! i felt like gobbling all mfc's pizza to release my dissatisfaction ..but i didnt. thinking of how much fat will i accumulate...i change my mind. but really...i just want a quick meal to keep meself happy. that's all. and no..kfc had to kill me.

coming home, i was still fumed. browsed kfc portal and lodge a complaint. there! puas hati. 'nuff said. he he

right now am exhausted from the heat and crazy kelantanese driving ...

i wanna sleep.


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