Friday, November 11, 2011

Allah Speaks.


i received an sms from my PHEA, a forwarded sms ..from H..regarding Sahabat Farhan Radzi ..former KTD ..ex Dublin BS. I never teach him. Only knew him through Wandy ...former DDW..ex ktd...ex Teesside's. He was once a Student to me, prior to his journey to Eire. Came and joke with me even ( not many know how to joke with me ..especially when they are not in my lectures) and ...keeping the story short...he graduated from DBS coming back and "pretended" not knowing me at all. bumped into me at college events or H events...and I was invisible to the extent of i was right in front of him...i was only droplets of air dispersing in front of him.... "wow" the product of so called ...Muslim Abroad. Ever since that ...I put myself away from him. thinking that he really knew how to put me under his Feet...oh well...a former teacher...after all.

day by day, my RAM erased the memory of having a student with the name of Farhan Radzi. I grew accustomed to the fact that ...Farhan Who? - as an adult who teach other people's children; I was Deeply Offended.

today. i received the news of him suffering from heart infection with 40% of the organ functioning and currently undergoing treatment in metro hospital.

Dear Allah : I Honestly did not feel A thing. Not because I hate him. Not because I want bad things happen to him. Not because I do not Feel. - I do Not Know What to Feel.

I have Moved on. Forgiving people who Hurt me in the Past. Unfortunately I am Only Human. Sometimes, It is never easy to Forget.

May Allah Provides what is Best for him for Only Allah Knows.
Me? I just want to Move on.

I'm precariously Tired.

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