Saturday, November 19, 2011

Journey to the Nature

Salam globbie ..

after 3 years of waiting ..I finally get to realize my dream to another nature portfolio of mine ...working with the elephants. I have been eyeing for this opportunity for so long. Time after time I waited for my former elac to complete the plan, but to no avail. and this year ...the ending of 2011 marked a significant closure to me as I get to fulfill my dream - Elephant Conservation.

Definitely The Biggest Thanks and Grateful ever to Allah the Most Merciful and Giving for making this trip a reality. Our journey was so Blessed and Rewarded with many wonderful and memorable experiences.

November 17 ( Thursday)
I woke up early to prepare the sandwiches to the research team. I couldn't sleep anyways as I have been excited and nervous to embark on this long-awaited journey.

I started to pack my bag. I didnt want to pack earlier as am afraid I'd leave out many things. I ended up piling everything few days earlier ...and started to pack my bags the same morning, just to be safe. However...I still forgot my toothbrush and shower foam! hahaha...Thanks to Guardian and Ijat for the Courtesy shampoo and foams. heee :)

I was ready for Esiana to fetch and drop me off at the picking up point for the team. Everyone was late. and you know me. I was fuming. :)

Reached Wakaf Bharu train station despite the piling traffic jam. I was nervous we might miss the train and the chances of me burning down everyone was pretty much there. We jumped out of the transit and I took my last toilet visit ( my bladder is very bad these days) and the train was punctual. I got out from the washroom and everyone was ready with their gears.

Off to Mentakab on Senandung Timuran (I think..or was it Senandung Wau) of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad. We took the second class seat. Nice and comfortable. Cold in the morning and it got heaty in the afternoon due to many moronic figures who like to open the door and puff cigarettes (yeah..they Stink!) First thing I did was to catch up on my nap. I slept. I guess ..all of us did. I woke up around 9am...still in the same state and starving. We all took our sandwiches and chat for a while before we slept ..*again* haha there's nothing much that we can do, it's a train, not-so fast moving train with lots of typical malays ..who like to scream, smoke cigarettes and listening to loud bollywood music! *sigh* i don't mind colors...but I do mind too much noises that disturb other people's sleeps / rests. oh-well~
By 1230-ish noon, train stopped at Gua Musang Station and we saw Kuala Koh's PERHILITAN Deputy Superintendent Encik Walid hopping the train for JB trip. What a small world. and he was just a seat away from us. What do you expect? of course ...More CHATS! hahaha ...till I fell asleep.

by 2pm it was getting unbearable and annoying. too much of smoking activities around. my head was spinning and the heat was killing. dem stupid M. i hate people who do not respect others and pretty much self centered B****d who only think of themselves. How I wish the train just ejected them off! seriously~

Arriving at Mentakab by 3pm was hilariously strange and witty too. I had to rush to the ladies ( as usual ) to entertain my active bladder. and I walked out to chill while waiting for our homestay owner to fetch us. Then came a lady who's leaning towards me and some guy was busy snapping our photos. THAT's Freaky. I received a phone call from the landlord telling me he was going to be late and the next thing you know this lady and a man was tagging me and snapping photos of mine. I turned around to avoid them and she KEPT following me! freaky! hahahahah and it turned out ...THEY were our landlord! hadoii....takut nyah ...I was a stranger in an alien town. haisgh...jgn melawak cam tu ...kecut perut den...(pen-takut jugak rupa nya ya? hahahaha) giler ko tak takut, people'd do anything these days.
We stopped at Cendol bes giler shop and I walked to Guardian to get me toothbrush! hehehe and rode home in a hilux with Angah to see the Homestay.

The house is on a HILL. the view was uber beautiful. the surrounding hills were of the same level with my eyes. everything was so perfect. I was literally in clouds. and the fogs ...the view...the sunset....everything was Perfect. SubhanAllah...the view was so picturesque. all the stresses from home ..just melt away.

Dinner was served. Patin gulai tempoyak. The rests were History. ALL was SUPERB and MAGNIFICENT!
I started the session alone as Ijat was down with major headache. pity her. I didnt take too much time as I wanted them to have full rest before the project the next day. by 1030pm I was already in my pj to sleep. beautiful sleep.

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