Wednesday, March 17, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie...

this week has been a tough one for me and some of the people around me. It is eventually still is a tough week. My Suhaib is currentl struggling his life over the traumatic accident he had last week on Sunday morning. Today I received the news of him being transfered to Penang GH by 930am. It must be very painful for him to be moving in that speed and distance.

I pray him well..pray that he will succeed in this battle. He is still in comatose mode due to the severe injuries he has. He needs to be really strong. and To his family, I would like to wish them a deepest condolence from my heart. It must be wrenched for a mother to see her son in that must be devastated for a father to be strong. Yet... those two people are the strongest Human thus far, reported to me. They are even pepared to Surrender him to The Almighty. MasyaAllah ...Agung sungguh Kuasa Mu. Maha Pengampun lagi Penyayang. YOU gave them Strength...that I have Wished. You gave Them Iman...That I have Wished. Akhie Suhaib...You are Indeed Lucky and Forever Will be Protected by Allah SWT. Should He Chose to Call You Back, I will Try to Be Strong. ( though I have no idea how to at the moment).

I believe in YOUR Decision. I will Keep my Faith on whatever Result YOU give. If Possible, Can I still have him with us? Can You bring him back to my Class? Pleaseee...

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