Thursday, March 25, 2010

Endurance Part 2

assalamualaikum bloggie...

guess what ...i am still getting hit ...aiyoo..i dunno how much longer can i stand ...all these....sometimes i feel like pouring acid onto the face and vanish... hehehehe ganaz gitew...tidak le beydah oii....
ha ha ... when both of the sides aren't siding me ..I excruciatingly feel the pain. and when this agonizing heart feels it ever longingly been waiting tears...would wanna drop out .... i didn't even know how did i become so hard inside. Time to time, I tried knocking those blocks out..yet to no avail. For all the challenges you're testing me in Dear Allah.....I shall try to Endure ...this pain again and again .... I am sure YOU Know Why. it's just that sometimes's kinda Offensive wen You didnt wanna Let me know Why.... he he he .... i've been askin too much,aren't I Dear Allah?

i shall constantly endure the rough waves long as u keep in Your Faith. Amin.

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