Monday, March 15, 2010

Not A Second Late

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
it has been a while ..again and again..

the reason i locked wofsha: not because I hate this.
I was too busy to update. and i am thinking of changing its template. havent got the time to learn and actually do it. Now. I have all the time and excuses in the world to stop me-self from giving excuses of not doing it. I will make time to learn how to change it and I promise you. It will change!

I recently came back from Pergau Project with my children (as usual). I was enjoying my tired weekend yet happy phase. then by sunday am strucked with the news, Suhaib has got into an accident. Parah. I was numbed. to the very core of my not-so-alive-Heart.

today is monday and i still have swollen eyes. Suhaib is now losing his left eye. The eyeball broke during the accident. Last night the doctors tried their very best to save it ...but Allah is much Greater. HE took that and sent to Heaven. Suhaib is now still in his "sleep". I wish he could hear my heart. I wish he could touch my hand. I wish I can trade place with him.

Ya Allah Ya Rabbi ...The Merciful Creator...Teach me to be strong for him and myself. Teach me To be Faithful to YOU. Never Let Go.

I have so many things to write here. But I need to settle on my works. Do know right now My Heart Bleeds....Tremendously.

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