Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sha 2010

My life in 2010 is pretty much hectic and fully occupied with works. I enjoyed it very much. I have less thing to think of personals and I like it that way. Since last year, I was given a team to coach, learn and share with, the UTM grads. Tiqah, Ijat and Tinky. Each and everyone has their own nicks...given by me. I like using nicks. people whom I gave the nicks are the ones who are closer to My Heart. 'nuff said. oh and above is my team mate, ijat...or fondly known as anchovy among us ELACians. btw, am a B.whale. :)

Here are Tiqah and Tinky. Or I love calling him Jert-Jert. Coz it sounded so Cute and comel. Tiqa, whom we have yet to name her has left us for Johor service earlier this year. Occasionally she'd come down and join us in programs or merely hanging around over steamboat cum laughing event ..like this. hehe ...above all ..she's always in our thoughts ..wherever she may be. Tinky is fun to tease at. he's very patient with my crankiness. And he has this real malay man thingy ...that made me respect him. huhu...mellow mellow....next!

and this is tiqah and faezah, Faezah is new to us (as in me & elac) as she joined us in our Pergau Program early march. i haven't got the chance to really know her yet, i guess time will tell.
so far, she's handling me well...some people knew how crazy i am in testing others in works...and I, too along the way ...got meself tested by Allah SWT in making all these duties worked.
All of us will be congregating again end of this April in BLM Challenge 2010 and Returning to Ma'Daerah for July Semester. Man.... I can't Wait.
Pergau Program was almost heaven. The drowning part was enlightening.
I am looking forward to more outdoor programs this year. who knows... I can shear off a kilo or two...huhu
In the meantime, allow me to complete Solbani's write up that supposed to be dued tomorrow.
hee.... I will start my Official writing with One Professor that I admire most ...after all these grandiose events are over.
Wish Me Luck bloggie.
Thank you.

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