Wednesday, March 24, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggie..

i am soooo tired. and i cannot complain.

this is the path i have chosen and i will strongly stick to it.
along the way i am constantly challenged and tested by the neverending obstacles. The more I held up high..the more it keeps coming. and it comes from the people surrounding me, the people that i Love and want to Love ...that is the path i chose.

even now am stricken by it ...i gotta move on.. i have so many things in store for me and myself. i shouldnt let the minor devilish acts to obstruct my Dream. i will fight. i may not win you in my life...i do not mind anymore. it's My Life i'm concerned of.

to those people who constantly hurt me ....have fun ....what goes around ...comes around ...

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