Thursday, April 15, 2010

semper fidelis!

assalamualakum bloggie....

i got back almost to midnight...from Gh last nite. Rabia is okay now. She was discharged. First degree scald n burn from hot water. *sigh* ...i was stunned ...and numbed. I never like hospitals these definitely freaked me out usual ...i notify Dolf about it's a habit ....can't really stop's in the blooooddd.... ( sure sha..who are u kiddin? yaself hor? ) haighh...

what worries me is that the water was mostly poured ontop of her chest. the hands were minor but the chest skin was pretty majorly injured. it's turning blue. Good God.....she said it's painful for her to put a dress on must be tough...i mean to even injure yr finger while makin hot coffee in the morning with hot water....we'd be screaming and ouching like there's no tomorrow...imagine a whole kettle pot onto your body.... Nauzubillah....Hopefully she recovers soon. Amin.

i Came back from Lunch at the best nasi kukus in town...( nasi again? I know ...tough luck hor..) with EA and Ijat. Fetched them for office ...for the sake of That only. hehehehhehe....what to do .. i miss hanging out and laughing with them. Miss the hu-ha and gaga in the office. In fact, the minute i stepped in EA's cubicle ...we were laughing hard in the exam vault room. (notice the word Vault? yes one will know even if u die in there) heheheheheheh.

now am back to my reading n is indeed precious and beautiful....and Eedward juz found out ...i coded him to that name. obboii....thanks to EA...*sigh* unrequited

i gotta get back to my reading. cant wait for tomorrow to be over ...and SLEEP is Eternity! :)

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