Thursday, April 1, 2010

Surrounding Me

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's a lonngg weekend for this state this week. Tuesday and Wednesday were the Sultan's Birthday.  Happy Birthday Dude...less controversy hopefully and better Reign this time around ....Please? spare us some privacy on your's about 'enuff..

as for us in the office ...we're all extending leaves...some cancelled the classes on thursday, some resume. Me? they're all asking for a break...and since they've been good to me ...a day reward ..will do. see ya sunday people.

now am still at my kitchen table or my mak would say ..."men-sepahkan dapur saya". ngeh :) i have been wanting to make this creme brulee....and here I am.  the only  thing i do not have with me now is the blowtorch. to caramelize the sugar. hoh...what should i do what should i do.... idea! upper burner in the oven! has been a longggg 2010 for me. good start but currently being tormented with lotsa challenges that I myself is undermining my own capability...huhu

juz finished chatting to ijat via ym....our 2011 project ...gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......
i am excited... Pray for OUR success!


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