Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fly high Anchovy

salam globs!

huu..that's Anchovy in pink...or known by birth Izzati...or Ijat to many ..and Anchovy to us ..ELACians...

it's well-known farewell to many now that Anchovy is leaving for her post graduate study in Shah Alam and will be hibernating in Seremban for a month or so. huhu ...Many management officers asked me ..when is your registration date...and I said ..dunno. I lied. :) hahahhaha dang girl....if they know..betcha they'd hold u up...again....*must be nice kan ...people dont want to let someone go, hahaha wait til my turn....they'd throw confetties ..PISH! PISH!* hahahahaha

anyhow ..dont worry. i will definitely make time to see you off...not because i am celebrating you leaving ...it's just that i didnt get to spend our last week in the office together due to my exam dates. there's a slight hollow inside for not being able to laugh in the cubicle for the last time *well...last for 2 years* haha ....and for not being able to cook that tempe pedas second round for u ...oh well there's so many things I need to do to wish u farewell..but i didnt get to do all...sorry banyak. i'll try to make it up to u..in 2 years time then? he he :D tah i idup lagi tidak masa tu ...

I wish u all the best in grad school, kick ass! and enjoy college life again. whenever u get to eat better chicken chops! do brag it to me...hahahaha ...

till 2013, cheers mate! thank you for putting up with me ...all these years.
Jazakillahikhairankhatiraaa....for ALL.

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