Saturday, December 24, 2011


salam globs!

did ever occur to u that one day ...your past just ...simply make a turn ..and it points at ..YOU! ha ha ...i got my version juz now. in less than 30 minutes.....OH PIZZA! seriously ..i didnt expect its going to be that ... ( i dont even have a word to describe it ) but ..yes, it hit me dowh~

luckily i juz got my freedom! from my never ending piles of books and papers. so was i really hit? hihihihi........all i can say..........EAT-YOUR-HEART-OUT-SAKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

oh man! so this is what it feels like ..WINNING? nguahaahahah oh woman! ...if ONLY all women out there can feel This? betcha...they'd walked out straight up...and make those days...and kick their asses...

Merry Christmas to all Christian friends..
as for me?

I Won! and Mudcrab maggie is already on me Mind had a Great Dinner @ KengSom's with Family. I WON! muhahahahaha~

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