Thursday, December 15, 2011


salam globs!

at 2am I headed to ER in one of the specialist hospitals here. by 4am I was screaming to A person. I was personally offended by his remarks. I wasn't supposed to be there even. but, humanitarian act, melted me. I chose to be there. for the sake of my Family. and yet...It was even tougher than I thought, it was.

by 5am I was home and slam-dunked meself onto the bed. tired and agonized I chose to sleep first till 930am. now it's 11-ish, I'm not at the office yet. I do not feel like IT. I have been thinking, over and over again. It's pouring outside....and the weather is somewhat nice in the east coast (when it rains) as compared to KL-side. the level of moist in the air is somewhat celebrated here than KL. poor those kl-nites who had to deal with flashflood, where I was lucky to have left the place an hour earlier. else, i would have been stucked in the water too. and imagine that~

3 former students of mine dropped by. former elac to be exact. and they were talking on pursuing their undergrads in TU. Teesside University, Middlesborough, UK. -nice-

I don't know, whenever I heard of TU, i am no longer excited. that name was once upon a time nice to my ears, now seems like a plague. tu la...orang tua2 slalu pesan...jangan galok sangat...pah ni gak mu rasa la.... ~ now I'm rasa-ing la...padan muka aku....tak dgr kata orang tua2...heh~

not hoping for reciprocation, but a little thought will do. when we don't get it? bershukurlah dengan hidup ini. as for you can never ask for all...and if it's not meant to be yours...let it go. life is too big to live alone. cherish it... I once said to myself and the people i've met.

Now, I got to live it. been re-living it for plethora of times. ngua ngua ngua....

I gotta stop mocking and cursing. I want the Old me back...not the very Old me ...but the Old me ...


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