Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 3

hi globs!

sometimes ure up ...sometimes (although i wish to type all-the-time) ure down~ sigh..that's the beauty of life. i saw his face today...no...no...not his face...his words...i still miss him..like..4%, he he ...how did i know ..coz i still remember his favorites...susah kan...jadi robot kan senang..ingat bateri je nak idup...

I'm praying for Allah to take that 4% back. I want to forget. thinking or reminiscing ..will only bring tears to my heart...
oh ya...i bought new perfume...takde keje ..prabih duit...ho ho ho...been waiting for it for so long...Bloom is in my hands....suker! and i plan to lay low ..til 2012 ..hoyeah...a year where I wish everything will turn out GREEN...or gold ..perhaps? heee :)

i learn a lot about friendship this year. like so different from what i had previously..and it is uberly shaken inside with all sorts of galores of mixed feelings. hmm macam mixed research gitew nyah...hu hu...
the best thing of knowing a person, is to NOT put too much Faith in believing. coz when you're Hurt....it's way...d.e.e.p.

i guess experiencing that in this kinda weakened dinasour age...frustrates me a lot. let's just say I wish too much for what a human can accept a friend for. and that too much...is denigrating the part of my so called life...- trust.
It's quite remorseful to be in such situation, but hey this is World. It aint over till the Almighty high above Sings?? oh well..that is just an expression, do read my between-the-lines if you really want to understand me. Alas, I wasnt demanding either. After all, I ain't perfect Either. hai loh~

there's a lot of issues for me to write in here ..but i guess i didnt want to sound ...biatchy. hehe :)

i better go to sleep.

carpe diem~

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