Thursday, December 22, 2011

Music of My Heart

salam globs!

i slept my day thru. hehehe ...kunun contemplate to wake up early and study. to my sangkarable not-surprised sangat....i woke up and checked on my movie download! haha and DONE it was ...I was so excited...teeth unbrushed, face like kejung ...quickly selected my playlist...and BAM! - A Christmass Kiss (2011) movie ngaaa :) I knew I wont be able to watch its premier on Hallmark's. Hence the early upload. in not-so early has already been aired in the states.

half of my morning was really.. "wasted" hahahahahah...but was good vibe...reminiscing ..over years and years of memories. it was ..Cold ...brutally Cold inside. *sigh*

then ..i decided to read my book n notes on The Bed. ya la i know meself in two days...i slept by the 30th seconds ...? hahahahah gile tido tak hengat...woke up around 4. showered ...and lapaq ....then i thought of my parcels ..and ijat!! it's her literally last day in the office today.

hoisgh...she was busy clearing when i called to ask her out for early dinner at zakini. a kid who now has turned into a woman. she bloomed alright. and i do hope she learns more and gains more in the long run ....she deserves this break. the chance to infiltrate herself with knowledge and love. Love of a being a human and salivating brains out ...for a lil wisdom. Wisdom of Life. or dengan mudah dan radikal ..bunyi nya equivalent to ..da'wah and Tarbiyyah....

I have never felt right ..typing or mentioning those words. Feels a bit odd...out of times. huhu....

i went to see the office was half empty....we did many things together...especially with ELAC. The ELAC that has crushed out our pains n bitterness to the last drop. ELAC that hold too many memories with them. ELAC that is Everything to us...( at least to was obvious)

Now, i am teamless. I have no team mate. zero. i feel like am on this Huge island ...all by myself. again. Working in this line requires gazillions of passion...miles and miles of Heart. sometimes, it Drains you out. when am on That Island. oh yeah..It Drains alrite. Hence, the decision on deactivating ELAC and tries to work on the current program, build their confidence, work on the discipline board (at least till february 2012) , mentoring the students ...on Advisory board....juz like 2006. :)

Oh has been a fun Ride.
spread your wings and prepare to Fly.

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