Monday, February 9, 2009


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

i hate ignorance. I hate people who cannot LISTEN to orders..and I hate people who like to play DUMB on me.

I'm mad. geram and feel like punching someONE's butt-ugly FACE!

p/s: this above mention character is very much alive and working in the same office as me.


kawaii_desu said...

relax babe, hope ur cooler now

how i hope one day their pc crashed and destroyed everything, then only they know how it felt

Sha and Forward said...


Sha and Forward said...

oh ya pa..thanks a lot for "being there" tadi ...I was really flipping and need to pour it. Orang macam tu tak guna cakap kat direct..they gonna end up piss u more than u can think of and it will jeopardize my position. dia boleh buat muka slamber..with no guilt or PROPER apology ...i found it very SICKENING. Biar Allah yang Balas. It's a challenge for me too, if i can spend almost 10 years surpressing nasty words spur in moment like this ..why can't I be a LIL bit more patience? I'm a lot better now. I went to class and assign them to multimedia studio to edit their Field Trip videos. it helped me to calm down a bit..and all 19 of them ..console me by giving wonderful assignment in return. Alhamdulillah..somehow I'm glad. I'm gonna work on something and try to bring 19 of them to Zoo Melaka AND Turtle conservation in Kerteh under WWF. I'll bust my life for it. InshaAllah.