Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've been tagged!!! Tidakkkk...

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

hadoii...the most thing I fear of in blogs is TAGGING! Why? coz time isn't mostly on my Side...huwaaaa....But ...I have to......

Ok...Hussaini we go........(dengan berat hati dan tulangnya hahahahahaha)

The Age of a coming birthday
wofsha: I rarely answer, not because I am shy of my age, but People didn't believe it (betul....) Most of them think am 25 or 27 hahahaha ....NO people ...(much older than that....and keep on guessing ha ha ha ha )

The Place I would like to Visit
wofsha: of course as a Muslim am Yearning for Mekah. And that is my TOP Priority. Also, I do have another place I would like to visit... Cumbria. Dunno where is it? (google la...sapa suruh tag hahahahaha)

The Favorite Place

wofsha: hehe ..I love any places ...if there're ocean/ lakes / waterfalls/rainforests...suffice to say..Nature. Not forgetting, I like vending machine! for no apparent reason hahahaha..especially like the gambar up there....more options and healthier snacks also available. So places that provide this type of vending's, I suka.... :)

The Favorite Food
wofsha: chicken sandwhich in particular....homemade. more vegetables..the better...and mustard+ ketchup yummmmmmm....antu sandwhich sejak kecil... I practically love to cook ALL my meals. Only when I'm travelling or visiting my friends I telan all...tak banyak songeh. Some of ala-carte melayus I like are paprik ...yumm....and bandung....and ladna...aaaaa asalkan halal...oh ya mom's cooking (yang ni memang ...out of this world hehehe)

The Favorite Things
wofsha: of many other things...this is one of them. I love books, for reading of course. Among others, Vitamin E, TV, my music, my car, my Tigger, my recipe collections, my...banyak lagi la...

Nickname I Had
wofsha: don't ask me what's that about. I browsed SHA and one of it is that. I kinda like it :) - well okay ..not kinda....yes I LIKE IT. My nickname is SHA. It's the initial of my full name - backward. :) My one and only nick since college is AC (derived from the first syllable of My Name) but when I joined this new office, one of the senior managements has already used it. So, due to respect, I changed it. Now, am Sha to many..Adik to my elder brother ( at this age! I know ...klakar kan???) but am always AC to Farah a.k.a Pa in Putrajaya, Vir in Jakarta and Isabel - which I like it VERY MUCH.

Name of My Love

wofsha: To answer THIS part is REALLY hard for me. Oh well.. I call him Bunny and he calls me Sunshine. BUT, now he's gone. Fate is not on our side...and currently I'm engulfed with works...research...and my Mak and Ayah. and ...talking about love is not much of my forte....... Next!

My Hobby
wofsha: Cooking-baking! and cakes. I adore this so much and my Mak always nags me coz I like to mess the whole kitchen (after that I clean up laaaaa)

My Bad Habit
wofsha: consuming junk is one of 'em, chips...burgers...super ring! hahahaha to name a few ...especially time nengok movie this year reducing....

My Wishlist

wofsha: as cliche as it sounds, yes peace on earth. peace in the office ..peace in politics, economics....everything....everywhere....humankind has denigrated a lot of morales values in them.....ill-treated the MotherNature.....burning forests and extinguishing animals from the planet, indiscriminately....May One day, we live to realize...we will Return and They Will Speak.


Took me hours to complete this, as I've lunch appointment and other routines :) Anyway, I'm glad I did this friends, no more tagging hahahahahaha


Peace! :)


al-hussaini said...

nak mengupload gambar tu yg ambil masa sikit tu..hehe

btw, akhirnya, berjaya juga dijawab tag ni ye..Congratez...

Sha..kalau ada tag terkini jgn lupa bagi. Coz nak kenakan Zafir pulak. Asyik dia yang kenakan kita...(tiba-tiba jadi jahat nak kenakan orang lain pula...hehe )

Sha and Forward said...

oh tidak rajin utk upload gambar yang ori size..i nak cepat i load yang kecik je hahahahah...

tgk kat blog faisal la..dia pun kene tag jugak ..jgn tag Sha udah...nak bagi award byk2 takpe ...hehehehehehe

kawaii_desu said...

aku pun banyak utang tag dgn org...
berzaman rasanya

huhu but aku agree hang suka masak, how i wish aku pun camtu huhu

shall i add, hang paling pantang nyamuk hahaha, can still recall the image, ke kepuasan bila hang dapat smash a nyamuk huhuhu

Sha and Forward said...

hahahahahaahahahahha aku tegelak kat sini ...baca pasai nyamuk tu ...old habit never die hahahaha it's IN the Blood!

pexky said...

gunalah ridsect..huhu~