Friday, May 22, 2009

Silent Morning

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

It's too quiet this morning. I was up early...and got myself ready for the session. All my children had left town. In september some of them will be in Teesside...and a number of them will spread across Malaysia. I'm uber-excited looking forward to their convocation. Skudai ...I'll be there ..InshaAllah. Yesterday evening Hajar treated me for our last dinner @ Sizzling House. Nice and sedey to part....(i've never been great with farewells ..anyway ...hoh...)

It's not a regular morning. No more ..Hi Cik Sha! No more Jom Cik Sha! No more ..Cik Sha ..amik gambaq! hmmm.....It's the semester break to many and graduating farewell to some. My Kodokians will only return in July. I'll be midly occupied with freshmen. At least I have few things in my calendar to make me busy. (seb baik...)

I came to my desk with a wedding invitation card written on it - Pn Sha & Keluarga.
say what??? it THAT obvious meh....aiyyoo....I miss the days where people addressed me as adik- hahhahahahaha....*sigh* I'm not so LITTLE anymore .....ha ha ha .....back to the invitation ...bila masa la pulak haku jadi Puan ...PUAN?!? - come've got to be kiddin' me ....aigghh...why don't you just shoot me ...-that was my alter ego saying upon reading the envelope....

I nonchallantly ignored the card and got myself ready for afternoon session. - Much better. At least knowledge keeps me myself. (ha ha ha...) so much of A Silence...


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