Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tu Amor

wofsha and batch 1 Beloved Family
My Seniors
Mi amor I'm not sure of the right words to say
Maybe these simple words will do best to best explain
What I feel in my heart
What I feel more each day
How to make you see
How to let you know
How to say how to say how I love you so
With words you understand
Words that get right through to your heart
Here's the place to start
Assalamualaikum bloggie...
I personally dislike Goodbyes. My babies will be leaving me soon and every day is like a time bomb...counting days for a Farewell I do not wish. :)
I remember once ...a person told me - "for every goodbye there are new hellos" I still don't quite agree with him.... sorry dear.
My days are currently filled with write ups and question making. I'm tired and now am on my way to get my Tower burger....huhuhuhu...lapaq ...


Anonymous said...

nak gak.huhuuh..

Sha and Forward said...

gi beli sendirik......

kcynodia said... hello tu betul-betul ke akan wujud ?

Sha and Forward said...
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Sha and Forward said...

Lid: hanya Allah yang tahu dear ... :) *sigh*