Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wofsha took a Peek @ Tadau Kaamatan

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

Happy Kaamaatan to all Kadazandusuns ethnics in Sabah (and my students too!) I have never been there.. and always been dreaming of one. Of the many places in Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak are the 2 top places in my vacation list. It has constantly been in my see and explore the rich and vibrant cultures of the West Peninsular.

As a result from Bambazon telemovie in RTM yesterday, I was glued. hehehehe...and asked myself ..what is it all about. and Kudos to Linda Nanuwil in that telemovie for such a beautiful song which I didn't understand at all. I texted my friend about it but he usuals ..failed to answer... I guess he was busy or pretending to be busy or it is just him ...who's not melancholic towards culture....yeah ..him and his called....walhal ..he can be pretty sensitive and too melodramatic about "certain" things ...hoh ....enough about him ...let's talk about Tadau Kaamaatan.

It's a festival of the spirit of the Rice. Amazing how the ethnics are still strong in their ancestoral beliefs and customs. whereby some of us today ..have forgotten to speak our own dialect just because we have lived ...KL..(bukan new york punnn) for a few damn years. I really ..despise this type of human. mct told me yesterday of how one of her housemate's moronic slang attitude...yeah ..kelantam? hahaha Good God ...for a person who went to Unibasiti ...I found that as uber-ly stupid and ignorant. back to Kaamaatan heheheh (kalo steering to mengata..sungguh best hahaha) - in this festival itself there are 6 stages to be completed ...and the best part is surely the finale ...the selection of Unduk Ngadau - the Harvest Festival Queen. Why Queen ..not King? shut up la ..women rule these days ..hahahahaha lah ....that is to signify Huminodun the sacrificied daughter of Kinoingan the rice spirits.

If you ask me it that good ah? well...i myself is adoring their beauty....almost-flawless :) again lies on the eyes of the beholder. To me I found their beauty is pure kadazandusun authentic-ness. what could be the completion of it ...are definitely ...the brain and the attitude.. voila...

This is Tambunan's 2009 Unduk Ngadau. believe it or not...see the dress? need to flip it open like Miss Uni-reverse aye...? *winkies*

KC texted me yesterday asking how I was doing while she was training her people the dance for this tadau. I told her...i envy you. I wanna be there too. she said " come la..asmaa and nia are coming on first of june." i said " aiyoo only now u wanna tell me ...cannot la leave wont be permitted ....i have duties here to complete...." KC said "when are you coming to Sabah then?" I said " planning for a short vacation this christmas...dunno where ..but definitely taking time off....need to return to nature ..."
That's how the conversation ended, after all she's busy with her dancing. Oh..I wish am there. Again ...i thought of year end ..and Sarawak came up! hahaha aiyo ..Sarawak lagi Sabah lagi ...since when I opened a tourism office? hahahahaha...I checked the ticket and's wickedly tempting ....cikgu hussaini ...i dah imagine your chicken hertz hahahahah ...haishhh...then i thought of that scenic and indah views of mount kinabalu at sabah national park.....oighhh......i can go insane! huhuhu. And thanks to Balqis of Terengganu ...she added one more list by November ..megasales shopping with our KEMAS friends! hahahahaha woman! I am going nuts!
One solution will come up by year end ...inshaAllah.. :)


Anonymous said...

i dunno bout Keamatan..then i told u dunno lor...huhuh...who's dat guy?

Sha and Forward said...

tah ..some kodok mana tah ...hahaha