Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Fine Evening

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's a quiet and occupied weekend. even Mr Jo was asking ..why was I quiet unlike before and chose to sit away from everybody. I wanted to answer....but as I opened my mind was empty ...nothing came out ...i quickly covered with .. "No......special reason.." then I smiled. And he wasn't satisfied with my answer. there's nothing I can say Mr Jo, I mumbled at my seat.

Sometimes in Life'll come across unexpected things...situation...people....culture...etc. In my previous years ... I have met many wonderful people from colorful backgrounds. I like it - a lot. Their presence has colored my Life. They made me who I am Today. I'm forever indebted.

Along the Path of Life... there were many ups and downs... I came upon. Those were My Strengths and Weaknesses. the Lifetime, I got to meet a Significant Other. Almost Perfect. Bliss. Challenged.

Again... in this Lifetime ... I got to know a Soul. Big at Heart. Complicated. I lost It.
I Fear meeting People in Lifetime who'd make my Heart stop
I Fear meeting People in Lifetime who'd make me Smile....
I Fear meeting People in Lifetime who'd say Nice things initially
I Fear meeting People in Lifetime who'd make me Fear of Losing Them

I Fear People who'd not Speak The Truth.
I'm Lost and I don't even Know what am I Losing It For.

Dear bloggie...
I do not know how to differ Truth and Fake, Reality and Dream, Wish and False-Hope. I wish life isn't complicated and nerve-wrecking. No matter how painful the Test of Life unto Human, we all need to be Strong. Keep in Faith. Took me A Decade to Realize ...Life is not meant for Waste. My another Decade Shouldn't Go in the Drain ...As Long as I Live and This Breath You give for Me. Keep Me Strong in Your Embrace and Protect me from Challenges You Knew I won't make it. Amin.

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