Monday, June 29, 2009

Not a Good-Day-Out

Assalamualaikum bloggie.... wofsha had an appointment at town. dalam banyak-banyak elevator in this world yang pernah wofsha terokai....kat bandar wofsha ni la yang PALING tak best. why? sebab orang sini KEBANYAKANNYA ...tak sopan. Believe it or not . tak sopan guna elevator ..tak sopan di tgh jalan when crowded...tak sopan di jalan raya ...tak sopan yang subjektif yang wofsha maksud kan ...

Scene 1
the Elevator. normally ...if there are 4-5 person in the elevator ...if the person in the front is a lady ...and all of them are going to the SAME floor...(mind u) WHY on earth the MAN at the back ...rushing forth like the door isn't gonna wait for him as it opened? just SIMPLY let the lady IN THE FRONT line move out first and QUEUE la accordingly. bongok tul. SOME men can be such a jerk. Even if the front ones were a man ...ya'll going to the same-dem-floor....let the front one (regardless gender) out then the rests follow la... why must shoving meh...? haiyerr....

Scene 2
walking in a crowd. similar with the road, STICK IN YOUR OWN LANE! demmit. why can't SOME people respect Others. Give way ..not blocking the way with yr dem stupid the MIDDLE of the line. 'tis what wofsha got today. I had to walk like a cik-minah juz becoz ...the mangkuk tingkats depan me chatting and walking like taking a stroll at a beach! hoooo... I was like .. "excuse me..." and I got the pissed look juz becoz I spoke in English! waddaheck...i just feel like pushing her to the side ...but then i thought .." tak baik ..what goes around comes around..."
if you wanna take a stroll...move aside ...make way for people behind you ..sakka....simple as det ...cannot think ah ? aiyooo.... stressed due to ignorance! not-worth-IT.

Scene 3
taking the escalator. stick to the left. leave the right space for over-takers. SIMPLE. practically almost the whole MAJOR CITIES in the WORLD use this system. and in KL they had to put a SIGN to educate the Public which wofsha finds it odd at first ...but then ...Educating it's good...some people Learn it well ...SOME just DON'T - urgghh...annoying isnt it bloggie...

It's a simple routine. everywhere we go ...make it a habit of respecting others it on the road, in the malls... public offices ...queueing especially....susah sangat ke? kan bloggie... orang buta pun bleh follow rules ... ini kan pulak kita yang celik n cukup sifat fizikal nya.

Solution to the un-wanted Stress? Cadburry Bournville Fine Dark Chocolate. 'nuff said. :)

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ader xtra chocolate taks? nak jugeks..