Sunday, June 14, 2009

News For My Daughters

Assalamualaikum Dears...

Tahniah for all 5 of you....all dean's list. There's no words to describe how Maginificent you are in your final semester. How Wonderful you have Become to My Life, how Proud you have made me to say those are my future Generation.

nur hafiza

nur salimah

nur solihah


nur syafiqa


i miss all of YOU very much.

See ya in Skudai this November InshaAllah.

( jom kita pilih tema warna baju grad nak?hehehe)


kecik said...

nie mesti menjerit for second time kannn...

Sha and Forward said...

second? third ! fourth! fifth! hahahahaha..serious ...haha ...jom jom ..cepat cadangkan tema warna apa ..nak ready baju awal2 nie hehehe

pexky said...

sama cam lisa