Wednesday, August 12, 2009

menyigai ilmu sampai ke langit ..mengapa di takik getah di daun?

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
kebiasaanya kcy yang akan came up with all these it's my turn. I remember using this proverb during secondary school ...(when was that?) let the past tense remains a past...hahaha..anyway..that was Pantun years school ...when I was ...hahahaha (keep on denying ...) what is it with women and age anyway? ho ho ho

Mr Lim texted earlier nice of him. that's the different. he has always been nice. I really hope my dream one day will come true. I really respect people of his like..Mr Joe too, one down-to-earth chap who's really an expert in what he does ...but humble. I love learning and experiencing life with these people. they are my master in knowledge and humanity. Puan Nashimah of GPK is another mentor I look up to..and utmost saluted confidante and motivator...dear bloggie...did i not tell you how i despise the usage of lappy....i am such a whiner ..aren't I bloggie...

there was something in my mind juz now when i decided to write. i am actually working on my write up. usually when I have few points pop up..i'd stop and think and have it written. while am recalling .... let's cakap bahasa pertama wofsha ...

tadi ada sesuatu terlintas di fikiran ...sbb wofsha ada buat sesuatu yang wofsha ingatkan wofsha akan jadi "ayam-keluar" sebab tu la frasa di atas menerjah minda ni...mungkin ini yang di kata .."apa yang datang bulat..pergi bulat" hahahahaha sabar je la bloggie kan...

ouh yeah ...saturday nephew's wedding reception. believe it or not. Rasa macam baru semalam je aku dukung dia ...babysat dia...tukar lampin dia ...bertatih ngan dia dia dah kawin. he's only 24. wife dia? God knows....wofsha belum kenal ...coz the day of his akad ...I was busy - battling Life.

reception is gonna be held at my sister's house. pasti grand banget kan bloggie...cucu menantu sulung. betul la tu agaknya terminologi nenek plak dapat...cicit menantu sulung...aku dapat? anak sedara ipar? yikes...sound so odd....bwerk..ntah le ..yang pasti bertambah lagi SATU kerusi waktu makan and hari raya.yay.

remembering Mr Lim's sms tadi ...I was touched. ni baru betul 1Malaysia. wah...wofsha dah 1Malaysia since birth..

tadi bloggie..wofsha nengok news at RTM, TV3 and Awani segala channel berita aku flipped. benda sama ..-demonstrasi jalanan. - B.O.R.I.N.G. jangan tanya kenapa ...sbb I have my own personal reason. i'm not against differences or fighting for the Earth so called. ...but there's a limit to everything.

Macam what happened to me sebentar tadi. there is a Limit Sha. Did you not see? Did you not Feel?
Suara Hati ku berkata... TAU ..TAKPE.

'nuff said :) peace and a cooler earth!

August 5, 2009 9:48pm
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