Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wofsha rest days

assalamualaikum bloggie...

it's a longgggggggggggggggggggg week for me. I am STILL on leave. Today bic and I went for lunch at this one kedai bawah pokok (err...ada ke kedai atas pokok?dowh...) well I named it ..Kedai Bawah Pokok (KBP) coz ada banyak pokok kat situ and kedai dia very the teduh.siap ada laman belakang...dalam sawah..tepi pokok homiey nyaman....and I Love.mucho! and the food? enak banget...ayam bakar dia is to die for ...sup tulang dia..perghhh...satu marhalah dah bau ..( over la tu kan...hahaha) and harum amat...lauk pauk lain ...macam-macam ada ..semua ...SEDAP. Almaklumlah dah banyak hari asik drinking air kosong ....mau nye tak starving ...ho ho ho ...batu celup tepung hias kicap pun wofsha akan kata Sedap.

that's how I fulfill my days ..besides working from home. but next week wofsha kene masuk kuliah dah bloggie...terpampang muka-muka kodok-kodok kesayangan wofsha etc. macam mana la agaknya tell you the truth bloggie...coz of them...I'm fighting this. Sometimes I do not have any energy left...but to spend more times with them...recharge my strength. Would it be too much if I say ..I love them? -aighh...the melancholic in da house. :) hu hu

jgn la si KC bleh xs blog wofsha ni sure the twins ..muk and hariz pandai simpan rahsia. they knew my they read it? I wonder...muk and hariz are two busy people...with games :P tu pasai i do not think they have time to layan my bedtime stories nie. huk....

i saw mu'adz again usual laughter provider. asked me where I was for the whole week...i said ..ada lee....ouh ...tomorrow...will go to KBP with emma her a treat. tak pernah belanja dia ...eversince she works here. nice girl. positive thinker amat. naive? a bit ...she's like my digi cuddly sayang-sayang awak jugaaaaaaaaa-buddy. people around me these days are so cute miut and comel comel and sayang-sayang-awak-juga types....*freaky...* hehe

ada baaaaaaaaaaaaaanyak bende wofsha nak write to bloggie....but bukan bloggie bleh jawab balik kat wofsha pun ..hehehehe....its the thought that count ....yite vloggie... :)

p/s: i miss buggin midget around.. somehow. huhuhu ..kc will gelak tergolek-dok if she reads this.

lots of work waiting I have much time Left?

August 5, 2009 7:09pm
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