Sunday, September 18, 2011

tiada Bintang Lagi...

salam bloggie!

*sigh* I had a Fun weekend. Really enjoying my time with my friends. However when I walked into one of my classes today...I was kicked in the back with some stupid Lecturer who do not know how to Clean up the board. It really kills me. To see this kinda attitude at work. Pemalas GILER ko. tak de ethics eh? failed ke paper tu masa U dulu? bengong~

I ended up lecturing to my students on how to become an Ethical ADULT! ha ha ...aku pun gilo jugok...takde keje ....but I have to teach them to understand Life at some point...and being a good human is one of the traits. so Listen up people!

I spent at uber-nice belut meal shop with my buddy. it was awesome...pueh hati makan....i tell u ..( makan lagi yek? haha ...suka lar~)

now am listening to Dayang ...layan jiwang..almaklum on the losing side...khennn.......

And tomorrow? hari Melaram day! saje~ hahaha
and Liqa day.
and hopefully hujan day! hoyeah~

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