Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kayak Day!

salam globbie!

he he ..I had a great day today. went out for kayak with my junior engineering boys. Fantabuluous!

we started off from the jetty a bit shaky...then off to the first pit stop nervously (for me) because the river is deeper than the usual's today. more than 100ft depth with God Knows width. We stopped at our first stop for water confidence. there, I saw my boys in various colours. I am Happy. to see THEM ...happy, laughing and giggling away. I have never seen them so happy.

and all of them were actually talking and mingling! and Jufri is just...amazing. He can actually TALK! ha ha ...and berak of course...Norm is no longer the shyboy...said nasri even...and zaidi ..TALKS too!!! oMg....hahahaha ...I love when I got what I want. and today...I got 'em way too much.

thank You Allah.

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