Friday, September 16, 2011

If I Die Young

salam bloggie ..'s been couple of days now ...almost to a week huh ....well I was down with severe migraine. had to cancel my lectures and events. it was really...awful. and today I think I can be on my feet again ..Alhamdulillah Allah for This Blessing...

as usual my weekend routines are spent with a lil bit of joy and games and makan with friends...good food ..osom people ...err..sometimes annoying too....hiks! what to do ...its Life after all....full of whatnots! he he

and I'll be crossing over the border to Siam tomorrow. Meeting my Thai friends for a short get together and GUESS WHAT???!! makan-makan lah apa lagi ..hahaha ...jealous? hey's My Life and Money.....memang la kau ada...tapi kau takde aku dalam hidup kau...ngerti? hahahaha i'm badddddddd..... oh goes on. right bloggie? (angguk-angguk)

i feel so damn good today ..(after those turbulence in ma head..) and I just walk with so much pride and love inside. :) suka~ because today I rasa ...I am a human with so much Love inside and it is just a HUGE LOSS to SOME PEOPLE. period. ( oh- and It Felt so GOOOOODD when you didn't give it to The Wrong One...Alhamdulillahhhhh)

one might be wondering ..why didn't i put some photos in here ...cheer up a bit ...put some colors...yadda yadda yadda....hahaha learned me lesson hor more photos. not because am too gorgeous to share...but my life is Precious. titik. ( jangan salah pronounce lak hahaha haru ko beydah.....)

I honestly Feel a LOT better.

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