Saturday, September 17, 2011

Siam and Beyond

huhu salam bloggie ..

i think i met my chow yuen fatt today ...ngahahahahaha ..gile best! for the first time in my life (after a while!) I feel so vibrant and I can smile at people! hehe...( i meant to say ..FLIRT) hahahahah

having the opportunity to be on the Kingdom of Siam today was really a funtime I could spend with my friends. from the boatride, to the foods ..the bombing ...and crazy stuff to SHOP! the place is Awesome. No wonder people from outside of kelantan would wanna go's CRAZY cheap and FUN to buy they serve MUCH better FOODS over there. HALAL even! haaa...

I'm Happy.

Our next jalan-jalan cari pasal? Munduk town ....where? SIAM again! hahaha ...gosh I'm counting days...

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