Friday, September 2, 2011

How annoying is ...annoying?

lol..what a crappy title..

hehehe salam bloggie,

am about to go to bed when i decided to jot a few lines in here..
i am starting to be very dependent on Luke eversince I own it ..and it makes me somehow addicted to type in works and also my thoughts. :)

oh well...i came across a very annoying person. huh..not that i pray for that person. it just happened that person appeared. and started to annoy ...people ( me to be exact) hoh~

oh well ( see how i have been sighing?) i annoyed but i had to deal with it. suck-it-in isnt really in my plan...but dang ..i hate it when i have to.

now am in the have-to mode. hoh ..can't wait for tomorrow to come so i can do my laundry, conquer the lines, folding, ironing and by the time u knew it ..I'll be in Office ..IN NO TIME! huhu!

will look forward to key in all the marks, dealing with all sorts of troubles, checkin on my PAs, working on all those progress reports....licking the stamps...( yeah...i do that too...) and oh ..dinner reservation! macam takde mood je pown ....sabar je la anggerik...

huh..mata sudah ngantuk...better sleep order to splish splash the world tomowwo :)


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