Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Of Courtesy and Ignorance

salam globbie...he he

i was in my engineering class this morning when I received a call. i have not been feeling good these past few days. yeah..I had a Heartache. As a result from constant stupidity. huh ..gile best ayat...

ok back to the phone call. i was about to start the lecture when my raspberry rang...huhu...then I heard my former elac's voice. told him i was in the midst of lecture and will return the call later. as i was invigilating the test...I took the chance to text him and asked what's up? and the answer was - nothing much, I just wanna hear your voice Cik Sha, I wish you all the best and be happy Cik Sha: and tears rolled down ma cheek. like Literally Rolling. One simple Thought, one simple Honest Thought...makes a HUGE different. That is a person who Respect the teacher and knows how to display the affection. at least to me that's what it was (is). Sincere and Plain.
and that was ENOUGH to make me feel like THE TEACHER OF THE CENTURY! HE HE

and when i told Ijat about that story, her remark was "mesti u nangis kan? u nangis tak? hehe yang local reti jugak nak ingat, yang dah pergi uk tak ingat-ingat pun ye ..." - TEBABOOOM~

the only words i managed to utter was "tu la tu.."
and I walked off to another lecture, where my other groups of students of the century!!! were waiting.

Thank you for Making me Feel so Special...


A t i Q a h said...

indeed. u're the teacher of the CENTURY!

p/s: its been a long time. and i miss you. ;)

Sha and Forward said...

ngahahahahaahha...mih yu too ticer! ELAC is going to gandah November 15th nih ..jom rendekkk ...nek gajah...hehehe

me n berangan teacher of the century..sabar je la~ haha