Thursday, July 21, 2011


salam bloggie~

i have been a zomba for weeks now ...with average sleep of an hour a day ...or sometimes i just hit the table coz my head couldnt take it 10 am today the write up was least to me ..let's just hope ...everything is successful. the more i read...the more i know ...yeah ...and i didnt wanna stop writing actually ...coz i keep discovering more and i wanna write all of 'em :)

now that i have finished. i slept! haha but wasnt that long pun...about 2 hours ..and i was up and about. when am home i am not a log...but when am away ....i cant sleep like nobody's business! ha ha

i took the liberty to check on twitter ....who else...sengeet and cik pa la ...hahahahahhaha

i miss the time talkin and merepeking with them. no stress just laugh and pecah perut with carbs...gile byk consumed food ..i dont think i am done flushin them all out yet! hahahahah

no more social network ..not til 2012 appears... i have to rearrange MANY things in life these days gets tangled easily and i hate seeing my life disorganized.....

so my dear friends ...sabaq la na ...AA ada murah lagi..susah2 ..kita turun mess up kan umah cik pa needs the gegeriuh anyways ... :)

now i have to figure out what to do for this evening. tiba2 rasa mcm takde keje nak buat. ngaa~

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