Friday, July 1, 2011

A beginning of an End

assalamualaikum bloggie ...

haigh...i rarely wrote in here these years. not because I merajuk. am juz plain busy with works and non stop routines. i guess i will be coming here often then ..since i have no where to "go" now. heh ..pathetic kan ?

oh well...last week Izzati and I worked our head off for Program Khas. seriously, although i thought i was never ready...the event worked wonders and we had a Blast! we have Program Khas annually and each year it gets special and better. and This is my third year of PK and Thank Allah for makin it smooth and memorable.

and Have I become a better Speaker? or Trainer? :D i dunno...but I enjoyed every moment of it (although I was bleeding badly...inside) The Gift from Allah. He Knows. He Sympathizes Me.

I have many more tips to learn and endeavor along this journey called Life. and Learn I will. I had my last conversation with u-know-who. it was really agonizing.i just cried...and cried. not because I am weak or melancholic, the memories we shared were just abundance and it was played in my mind continuously till I did not know what to do... I just Weep.

Now? I feel much better. I let it all out. May Allah Foster my Heart with Strength and Courage. I have more Events in the future to kick-off. I am so Grateful for Allah's Gift to me - to have a beautiful, strong Heart. ( cewah ...berangan ke? he he ) but really...I found my Peace.

oh ya bloggie ...diam tak diam ..i came across ary's blog. kuasa Allah. but then until now I wonder why... what have i done? ada la tu salah aku mungkin..i must have been so hard on him sampaikan he doesnt wanna be my friend anymore. oh well~ life goes on. Semoga beliau melalui hidup yang bahagia n manis sokmo. he may not hear me, for whatever I did, I am sorry Ary.

as for me? kurniaan Allah sudah terlalu banyak...dan I need to be Thankful.

Time for me to get back to my Writing. and Tomorrow is a New, Bright Sunshinny Day.

I am forever Your Angel. Looking from Far. Godbless.

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