Friday, July 22, 2011

Tahajjud Cinta - My 2cent

hi bloggie..salam..

since I got nothing to do tonite...and My Mak made me watch Tahajjud we go ...huhu. Do bear in mind ...that I am never an opponent for Malay Dramas...and YES ...i Do watch ..(sometimes...and I chose the storyline...:) ) therefore, if you hear people or ( some of my friends say -She doesnt watch malay drama...that is ..Not-Right haha)

Tonight is the first time am watching it. he he usual ..baru 5 minit ...I started to look for Luke...browsing abt it in the Internet.. ha ha ha. This is due to 1) tak sabar nak tau ending! 2) tgk characters...interesting...storyline......menarik....terdetik inside...nur kasih wannabe ke ni? or ketika cinta bertasbih...? 3) rimas with the plot upon knowing ...the Ustaz is the manipulator...haigh....

hhahahaha its so typical malay story ..there must be The Swindler! ha ha ..was it my fault for not finishing malay drama whenever watching? he he he :D I can't deny the Islamic messages in the series are interesting and thought provoking fact I wont be surprised if there's Tahajjud Cinta The Movie to follow suit...ngeh~ ngeh~ even My Mak is an Addict already...there goes my Jumaat Malam Rondeivuu hihihiks....

ok back to Tahajjud Cinta (TC), all am wondering how far will Malaysians "want" to look and analyse the message. is it juz gonna be some kinda hu-ha like ketika cinta bertasbih..or ayat2 cinta....or even Maher Zain where they were just drooling over him n his voice...instead of Islam Itself.

I have to agree with one blogger who wrote ..who are we to Judge...? ditto...but then again is made to be watched....and like it or not ..human would wanna talk. and i just hope i am not one of them who is criticizing ..religion. Nauzubillah..

Here are some of the reasons why I won't resume watching TC:-
1) slow plot.

2) annoying characters ( i guess he played it well coz he is good and that has just been manifested in his acting? heh~)

3) why wannabes? coz.. i dunno why i felt like watching Nur Kasih (of which I didnt finish it, too he he :) - this because I didnt have enuff time, I think..)

4)draggy script. Islamic touch is not as much as I expected. explore more. go philosophical. high order thinking... napa? takut tak laku drama ke? he he he ...(mai dah ayat puaka aku..haha)

5) however another blogger made a point when she claimed there must be hidden agendas when erma fatima made this. an indirect cynicism to SOME people who are doing it in Malaysia.

6) Yet, that is not strong enough to make me Glued. offense. But I will definitely look forward to more story of this genre as it is indeed Enlightening.

haha oh by the way ...My Mak dah mula buat skrip sendiri dahh...hahahaha she's really into it ...i guess it's a Good Air for her ...instead of si Capik 24-7. hahahahahhahahaha

Go Mak!

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Sha and Forward said...

Mak is already overly worried ...for that ustaz "wants" the girl now ...hahaha ..adoi ...