Thursday, July 28, 2011


hi bloggie ..salam..

i was very upset with office today. therefore i decided to head out ...renew my insurance and roadtax...since it's already a day late. previously i did not have enough time to go after office hour because everything is closed by then ...i finish my classes at 7pm daily... and start lecturing at 830 every day ...and make my way to the office by 8am...i devoted my time to Office...wholeheartedly. and today.....I am adamant to make it the Otherwise. No more Loyalty. First of all, I deeply Offended by the System. and second of all, I am just plain offended by The Attitude of Most people. therefore I decided to Un-do my loyalty to the office. I had enough...

I took off and went to do my stuffs..and returned to the office late in the evening settle my work and left for the day. This time around I am not gonna look at the Office ..the same way again.

pity huh?

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