Sunday, July 24, 2011

oh ya?

salam bloggie...hoyah~

hehe ...i was about to shut Luke up when I eh .. I haven't written about the chomel today. hihihiks....kekdah nya...i am having so much fun with my students. yeah they are new ..still appreciative ..come semester 2 ...they'd forget me ...ha ha ...

i appreciate some of them who are very kind and intrusive towards me. they would pop out of nowhere walking with me to lectures...appearing at the gate wishing me good morning ..(haha seriously) and tagging behind me when I turn with the Cutest smile ever..."hi miss.." hahah so getek...

i knew they were just having fun and mengada ngada with me ...and i juz play along. it's been a while I giggle and enjoy days with my students. and now ..? am doing it ...Again. :)

they put smiles to my face. honestly. their "Assalamualaikum Miss", "good morning Cik sha.." "Pagi teacher.." Hi..Cikgu...(pun ada ..haha) and all whatnots they're calling me and complimenting me ....those are the voices I will Miss One Day.

This morning Syahmi was bodeking me .."nanti beautiful like my teacher, Cik Sha.." haa banyak la ko ..that one I already know I sokmo beautiful. he he Faiz , Muiz, Norm, Uwais comey, Dan, Amirul , Arwinah, Izzdihar...and all of 'em are all my Beating Heart for 2011/2012...

*sigh* I Love days when they Embrace me. If it's not because of Mahram thingy ...they would have hugged me every day!

Having instant kids are fun too! *wink*

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